Senate of the Republic of Poland – Major renovation of the sitting room

Performance of construction works related to changing the arrangement of the Senate  sitting room

in building “A” Chancellery of the Senate, ul. Wiejska 6, in Warsaw.

The task consisted in carrying out demolition works, disassembly and removal of all Senate furniture, dismantling electrical and electronic installations, removal of the raised floor of the amphitheatre together with its substructure, then carrying out works related to the new arrangement of the Senate sitting room, consisting in placing a new raised floor, acoustic insulation, laying carpet, renovation and construction of desks for senators, government and the President of the Republic of Poland, coaches, furniture, rostrum and armchairs.

VARCO company managed the investment in the construction phase and the works in all trades, selected the subcontractors and settled the contract on behalf of the general contractor.


Contract value: PLN 1.3 million

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