Developer: LANDESKRONE 2 Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. – Superstructure with an external reinforced concrete shaft

Upward extension of the top floor as well as the change of use and occupancy related to the use of part of the attic for residential purposes together with the construction of an external reinforced concrete lift shaft in a multi-family building at ul. Kazimierzowska 81 in Warsaw.

The subject of the project was building of the superstructure over an old tenement house in the centre of Warsaw. Knee walls and existing walls in the roof space were demolished, the existing roof was removed and replaced with a new one supported by external walls above the existing ones.

An external reinforced concrete lift shaft, 18 m high, was added to the building which constitutes an extension of the existing staircase. At the level of the floor above the third floor, between the building wall and the lift shaft, cantilever slabs were made for the gallery connecting the shaft with the superstructure; on the lower floors the connection of the existing staircase with the lift was made by executing the floors on a steel structure and penetrations through the walls.


Contract value: PLN 1.0 million

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